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La Chaise Adirondack Originale

Ces chaises Adirondack canadiennes sont en Cèdre Rouge le plus précieux, avec des vis en inox, des instructions français et disponible en quelques jours. Pour nous: simplement la meilleure chaise! Contactez-nous:  markus.philipp@ontaria.de ou  +49 611 360-6260.


Canadian Camp Chairs - Winter Sale and free shipping in December!

You do not want to let your friends and family sit on cheap plastic chairs during a garden party, do you?!? Of course not, and you don't need to. This folding Adirondack Camp Chair is the final answer what to do when you got visitors: it is super comfy, looks great and stores in minimal space. It is an eye-catcher and your friends will be curious where you found this amazing garden chair.

Like the whole Bear Chair Collection, it is made from Canadian Western Red Cedar, weather resistant for decades, light as a feather, and with the aromatic scent of cedar oils. You assemble it in one move and you can stack 12 in the trunk of your car, really! If you need a different combination than the offers below, please give us a call.

We find a solution to all your needs, and at Ontaria you talk to us directly and not to some call-center: Email markus.philipp@ontaria.de  Telefon +49 611 360-6260 / Whatsapp /Pico+49 160 977-25149.

Dimensions: H80, W50, L90cm - 4 Chairs stored: H35, W50, L100cm

Current special offers✔  15-Year Warranty✔  No-risk-payment after delivery✔