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Témoignages de clients des 10 dernières années

Amazing, the Adirondack chair is feather light and easy to move around and how comfortable it is! It really shows off here in the Provence in southern France and has attracted already quite some attention.
Dick Wismeijer, Montauroux, France, 29.1.2016

To be honest, when you said " will send the spare parts for free", I had understood "free of delivery charge". But now there is no bill at all, which we appreciate tremendously. This screams "we will recomend you" which we will do for sure! Thanks a lot.
Jörg Reichmann, Burbach, Germany, 28.1.2016

Here is a picture of the new sauna in the snow-covered Swiss Jura mountains. Everything works great.
Rolf Hieringer, Muntelier, Switzerland, 23.1.2016

This is a super service. Highly appreciate this gesture and look forward to the shipment.
Dick Wiesmejer, Montauroux, France, 27.12.2015

Many thanks for the super fast response, and that on a weekend!

Dr. Chris Pannen, Bonn, Germany 20.11.2015

The shipment of our Bear Chair went really fast, thanks for that. The Chair is super!
Ellen Berenbrinker, Verl, Germany, 9.10.2015

Many thanks for your prompt response - I am impressed with your outstanding service!
Rahel Lüthy, Frauenfeld, Switzerland, 20.5.2015

Thanks for the speedy shipment and the efficient and quick service with questions etc.
Markus Huber, Hallbergmoos, Germany, 26.4.2015

If the quality is a s good as your communication and service, your status with me ranges between super and genius;-)
Georg Treibenreif, Oetwil am See, Switzerland, 9.4.2015

The chairs are wonderful!
David Llorens Corretger, Sant Quize del Valles, Spain, 13.2.2015

Because we wanted the original chairs and not the knock-offs you can buy here, we ordered from you. We were especially happy with how uncomplicated the order was and how quickly the shipment arrived.
Sabine Warmuth, Berlin, 20.1.2015

Our chairs arrived yesterday! Thank you for keeping us informed all the while. I must say, your customer service is great!!|

Michelle Müller, Aarau, Schweiz, 10.9.2014

"Hello Markus, thank you very much for the very good service!!"
Erik Wijers, Arnhem, Holland, 25.8.2014

Many thanks for all the efforts you have made to complete the delivery."
Dr. A. Yaniv, Netanya, Israel, 5.6.2014

"The chair is fantastic! So pleased with it!"
Jette Christensen, Søborg, Denmark, 8.4.2014

Thank you for replying so soon and for your kind offer."
Anders Grönmark, Stockholm, Sweden, 24.2.2014

"We are very happy to have Stickley in our home now and we would like to thank you for your service."
Hans Nickles, Nürnberg, Germany, 19.12.2013

About half an hour after I received your email, DHL arrived and brought the chairs. That was a quick service. Thank you."
Jennie Kempenaar, Dronten, Netherlands, 25.9.2013

"Markus, the furniture was delivered this afternoon. It looks amazing. The quality is excellent and we are very happy with it."
Ingrid Arnold, London, UK, 27.6.2013

"Markus, all the pieces are in order and how very beautiful they all are, the beds particularly. Thank you so very much! Take good care."
David & Lisa Strecker, Nice, France,12.6.2013

Thank you for the professional support and attitude!"
Peter Manders, Nijmegen, Holland.11.6.2013

Thanks for keeping me updated and your continued efforts in trying to expedite the process."
Ingrid Arnold, London, UK, 30.5.2013

"Dear Markus, I have been meaning to write for some time to tell you how delighted my husband is with the Love Seat I purchased for our anniversary last year."
Sarah Setton, Hove, UK, 29.5.2013

"Hello Markus, thanks a lot for your quick answer and the pictures. We'll recommend your company."
Carine Daenens, Jette, Belgium, 22.5.2013

Super well received and nearly ready with the assembling. Thanks a lot for your service. Chapeau."
John Leijmans, Schinveld, Holland, 19.4.2013

Thank you very much indeed for shipping this to me so promptly. I know my husband will be very excited!"
Sarah Setton, Hove, UK, 5.10.2012

Many thanks for arranging this order, firstly it looks fantastic, secondly your efforts for a stressfree delivery were impeccable."
Chris Milton, Milford-on-sea, Hampshire, UK, 15.8.2012

"It's lovely working with you, Markus. You've made the process easy and enjoyable.”
Debbie Fulton, Heidelberg, Germany, 29.5.2012

“Thank you Markus Philipp for your excellent attention to detail”
Dana Ruffolo, Luxemburg, 15.5.2012

Thanks for taking the trouble to send me photos of the leather and quarter-sawn oak arm rest, they're beautiful."
Daniel Mark Vradenburg, Stokesby, Norfolk, Uk, 4.1.2012

The furniture is lovely and everything looks like it has been in the house for ever. Thank you again.”
Estelle Goodwin, Wilmslow, Cheshire, Uk, 23.8.2011

“Dear Markus, Thank you for the the word of a Gentleman.”
Alexander Povolotzkyi, Vienna, Austria, 28.6.2011

“Thank you Markus for your help in putting the pieces together. Superman was supertired and supercranky the next day.”
Giovanna Beaulieu, Bogis-Bossey, Switzerland, 10.9.2009

“Thank you once again.... It's rare now a days to find a company that cares for their product and the customer!!!!!!”
Tim Zimmermann, Munich, Germany 13.4.2009

“Dear Markus, Thank you for personal delivery and good to be able to meet you in person! I am delighted with the furniture, which is beautifully crafted.”
John Snook, Wargrave, Berks; UK, 8.12.2008Many thanks for your kind and informative email. I am delighted that there is a possibility of enjoying Stickley furniture in my house in the UK!”
Jolene Barret, Carlton, Newmarket, UK, 20.11.2008 “Dear Mr. Philipp, the table arrived safe and sound. It is beautiful.”
Alexander Sarris, Athens, Greece, 26.3.2008

“Many thanks for your wonderful attention. Your arrival in Edinburgh came immediately before an appointment with my dentist, so I was not able to take you to lunch, which would otherwise have been my inclination!”
David Summers, Edinburgh, Scotland, 20.3.2008

My goodness, there’s some beautiful-looking Stickley stuff there. Don’t tempt us, you naughty man!”
Peter & Dinah Kessler, London, UK, 27.11.2007

“No doubt once the baby arrives and the house is finished we will give in to the temptation to buy some more Stickley.”
Mark McGaw, Swansea, Wales, 16.4.2007

“You donated a Stickley lamp to the AWCT Bingo. Naturally Skip fell in love with it and pressed us to keep bidding until we won it!”
Holly Schwarz, Frankfurt, Germany 4.4.2007

“Dear Markus, it all looks great-- you know my style, and I love your stuff.”
Rasa Hiob, Bad Soden, Germany, 14.2.2007